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Originally Posted by kasher1979 View Post
This is an old thread and sorry for bringing this back up. But I was just reading here and I was strongly recommend implementing a automatic received only option. Have you heard any more about this as to whether you can do this or not? This is an important feature especially for people who don't understrand the process and need their unit to automatically do this for them.
I'd just like to chime in as well: I completely agree -- the only piece of feedback I have about what needs improvement on the MaxCi is that shifting should be time-limited by default.

The Ci shifters are so effective against most guns that it really will deny an officer's reading for long enough that it looks plain suspicious. While educated users will know the importance of double-pressing Mute, it's not convenient for non-enthusiasts who may not appreciate the importance of limiting jam time.

Having a default setting of 3-5 seconds with an optional "Unlimited/Testing" mode (preferably labeled 'Testing' rather than 'Unlimited') is something that benefits our entire community.
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