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Originally Posted by Greg14 View Post
I downloaded the Mac 2.4.9 Detector Tools and I plugged in my unit, the panel on the detector said USB as usual and it connected and I clicked to start to download, to error panels appeared "firmware Updated of your 9500ix FAILED" and "Error updating your 9500ix, Update 1 of 2 failed".
The USB light went out and the unit scene was blank.
When I plugged it back into the car the unit would not go on and made a clicking noise.

What happened, how can I fix this ?
is there an override.
Did the download kill the unit ?

I have a Mac and in the past, I have updated at my daughters house with windows.
I have the latest Mac version High Sierra 10.13.1
Please advise,
I grabbed my 9500ix and connected it to my MBP (also running High Sierra 10.13.1). I launched the Mac version of DT (v2.4.9), and it recognized the 9500ix. I was warned that my Defender DB license had expired, but I clicked the green button and the firmware was downloaded in steps and it installed without issues.

I don't know what happened in your situation, sorry to say.

UPDATE: what are the first two digits of the serial number on your 9500ix? By any chance, are they "33"?


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