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Thanks. This is happening without cars, tractors, etc. within eyesight in relatively open rural areas. No auto-gates or other visible sources of potential RF energy.

I get the newer cars and SUVs setting off alerts but, this happens without traffic anywhere close. I get alerts from newer cars but, generally only in town and very few on the road. And I should note, no tractors either. If I was near a dairy or road crew mowing, I could see some false alerts.

Also, there are no ramp-ups. It goes from nothing to maximum with no intermediate transitions in wide open spaces with nothing in sight, no tractors, etc.

The towns around me run a lot of 'out of towner' road tax speed traps so, I want to make sure my detector is functioning correctly. AutoNoX or AutoNoK seem to have no effect as well so, I'm questioning the proper functioning of my detector. Perhaps I just need a new one with more modern technology.
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