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Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
At the tolerances these detectors deal with, it is full of "moving parts". The slight variances with temperature changes (which are digitally compensated), or the torque of the receiver screws, or how certain components are soldered, all affect sensitivity and tuning. It will not hurt to have it checked out.

If you are using Auto sensitivity, that is certainly limiting K band. The first encounter first alerted at 23 mph. With Auto mode's speed sensitivity active it will greatly limit sensitivity. That first encounter was also when going over-the-hill which limits detection.
Well the good news is I sent it in for repair, I just got it back today and the work order said the antenna module was replaced.... Yay!

So I plug it in and comes up with a big shiny Check FR <sigh>, but I thought lets see....I take it out for a drive, well now it doesn't detect anything. I can't even get a door sensor or speed sign to light it up... guess it's going back again. This $40 in shipping now times 2 is expensive. Is there a way I can fix Check FR myself?
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