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I've only had my Max a few days and I'm having the same problem, but worse. First few days of use, didn't do it. Now Laser warning stayed on minutes and eventually shut off. First happened this morning after pulling out of the garage, but quickly shut off by the end of the driveway. The automatic garage door has a sensor for detecting on obstruction so I attributed it to that. 30 minute commute to work, it was fine. But then after work tonight in an open parking lot it happened again, but stayed on. Late day (no headlights) and later when almost dark. Also noticed that even when the alarm shut off, the yellow LED (alarm) on the smart power cord stays on. Cycled power several times, and problem stayed. Clearly something is wrong with it. No way it should have false alarm like that, headlights, LED display, or anything of the sort should not be triggering it. If that's the case then I'm returning it for my money back. This is a huge disappointment. Except for some firmware download type of cure, this is being returned.
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