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K band Sensitivity

As a first impression of the 360c I noticed its K band sensitivity is dialed way back as compared to the current MAX/MAX2 firmware. I assume it's got the same revised 360 firmware that has yet to come out for the MAX/MAX2.

Whereas my original MAX in Auto Mode detects and locks out certain constant emitters, the 360c does not detect them in Auto Mode at all. I was sitting at a light in the presence of such an emitter switched the 360c to Highway and sure enough it then picked up the K signal that was not showing in Auto Mode on the 360c but does show in Auto on the MAX.


I like the fact the Mute button is again moved forward on the 360c from its more rearward position on the MAX. The buttons are a bit stiff to the touch as you really have to press firmly to engage.


Very nice style, like the iX, and about the size of the original MAX as opposed to the larger original 360.


Very nice, and responsive. I ran across a couple of Ka based pole mounted speed cameras and got quick switching as I passed. Super helpful in traffic as now I know if the signal is in front or behind and I can better react accordingly. Kind of like when I was young and had a car without air conditioning. Its just fine until I got one with ac and saw what I missing. With respect to Ka (fairly low power) on those pole cameras, the MAX seems to pick them up a bit sooner than the 360c, but not by much.

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