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flylow7f39 January 11th, 2018 06:31 AM

Effort To Ban Red Light Cameras Begins In Ft Worth, Texas
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Ballot measure to ban the use of red light cameras introduced in Fort Worth, Texas.

"The proposed amendment to the city charter simply states that Fort Worth shall not use photographic traffic signal enforcement systems. It also prohibits the collection of camera-based fines. If 20,000 valid signatures are collected by July 3, the measure will qualify for the ballot. Canon said she got involved in putting the Fort Worth ballot initiative together after noticing the city placed three of its cameras on the border with Arlington.

The grassroots volunteers will operate under the name Citizens for a Better Texas PAC. They hope to raise money through modest donations to fight the photo enforcement industry, which poured money into a slick marketing campaign in a failed attempt to convince Arlington residents to keep the cameras."

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