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flylow7f39 July 5th, 2019 02:06 AM

Missouri Town Admits It Used Ticket Quota
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Missouri attorney general settles ticket quota suit against city of Diamond after mayor admits issuing citations to generate cash.

""The city of Diamond admits that certain actions taken by its chief of police constitute having a policy requiring or encouraging employees to issue a certain number of citations for traffic violations in violation of Sections 304.125 and 575.320.1 Revised Statutes of Missouri," read a settlement agreement signed by Mayor Brenda S. Schmitt.

Missouri Attorney General Eric S. Schmitt (R) -- no relation -- secured the confession following an extensive investigation into the speed trap town of 925's ticketing practices. A whistleblower police officer sent the attorney general a photo of a whiteboard with a message from Police Chief Michael Jones that said, "We R 5000.00 B hind issue some tickets RFN" with the acronym meaning "right [expletive] now." Schmitt filed suit against the city in April.

"One of my most important actions as a state senator was to help pass Senate Bill 5 and curb taxation by citation, an abusive and overreaching practice," Schmitt said in a statement."

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