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timroswell March 24th, 2014 01:47 PM

Passport Max case splitting/separating
Has anyone one else had an issue with the Passport Max case splitting or separating? My originally started to separate, and it would no longer stay securely on the mount. It would look that it was attached securely but you could slide it right office. I really didn't realize it until I removed it from the bracket, didn't have to press the release button, slid right off in my hand.
Anyways I shipped it back to Escort, they repaired it, and now splitting yet again.
I have a friend who has one too, he influenced me to buy the Max, yet he has had the same problem too, he told me Escort customer service says its a known problem. He was a long distance trip, it kept sliding off the mount, he stopped at a service exit, bought some duct tape, taped it together so it would stay securely on the holder.
Has anyone else had this issue?

m00s3 March 24th, 2014 02:45 PM

Several people have. There's a thread near the top of the list for Max Housing already...

EscortRadar March 24th, 2014 03:51 PM

Your Passport Max will need to be serviced timroswell. I can set this up for you. Simply send me a private message with your name, address and email address.

stevebxl March 25th, 2014 03:17 PM

Me too.
My case is splitting as well. Fell off the mount and on the floor once already. I caught it all the other times. Not really happy about this...

timroswell March 27th, 2014 10:02 PM

Exact same thing happened to me

straycat088 March 28th, 2014 07:16 AM

mine split and then wouldn't stay in the mount.
problems come in 3
But that only the start of the issues
good luck

Clashway August 1st, 2014 11:19 PM

split case
I as well have a splitting case, not what i expected after paying over 600$. i tried to message the fellow above, but i have not received any messages yet (2 days). I am hoping i can find help with this post.

since the original split it doesn't stay on the mounting bracket very well. i have to slide it in juuust right or i feel like I'm grinding or shaving the plastic inside the mount release. the blue plastic where it meets the mount release, which apparently holds the whole thing together, also pops out of place. i guess it couldn't hold it's own weight on the mounting bracket, my car is stiffer than most.

straycat088 August 2nd, 2014 06:42 AM

That was a very bad flaw.
I had 2 cases split on me .
Escort rep (escort radar) (Larry) I hear is on vacation.
You don't need him for this issue.
Call escort customer service and they will email you a shipping Label.
This issue with the bad case is easily taken care of.Chances are your back antenna cover needs to be replaced also I wouldn't mess around taping it
I no longer have a problem
The case has now changed and it holds together very well once fixed it shouldn't happen anymore
You pay a lot for this get it replaced the rite way :D
Then enjoy

CorvetteOJ August 7th, 2014 01:36 PM

My case started splitting after three weeks. I first noticed it by the increased shaking of the unit as I drove. I bought two at the same time. The other one is still perfect. I bought them at Best Buy. I took the bad one back this morning to replace it. They didn't have any more in the store so they ordered me a replacement, express shipped to my house. It is supposed to be here tomorrow. We'll see. I must say I had 4 Valentines in four different cars during the last 15 years, and never, ever, had one issue with them until they started getting old and beeping constantly. I now have two Maxes, and considering getting a third one for my Vette, but will wait until I can go 30 days without an issue with these two Maxes first.

polenta August 4th, 2017 02:57 PM

I have the same issue.
I bought my Escort Passport Max on 08/21/16. I noticed the case splitting as well. I sent it in for repair under warranty. Just came back.

However, when I reattached the detector to the mount I ended up with the situation as shown in the attached picture. It appears that the looped metal bracket actually comes out of the detector in the small opening. I am using blendmount) You can see in the picture that the upper plastic shell is already pushed apart (gap between upper shell and silver part).

I read online that Escort changed the design early on to a new shell. Do I have the old design? I bought the detector on 08/21/16.

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