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  48. Zte mobley
  49. Received my 360c today but instead of 3 years it says I only have 1 year of alerts
  50. Few quick newbie questions about my just installed 360c
  51. Overspeed warning sound comes even though its off in both radar and app setting
  52. Escort Live App says Data isnt in the correct format. Cant log in
  53. 360c database updates?
  54. “Chasing my tail” and other laments/suggestions
  55. Bug with Spanish Language
  56. Escort Live App says Data isnt in the correct format. Cant log in
  57. Max360c
  58. MAX 360c updated to v1.3
  59. Is there a chance we will ever see narrowed K band lockouts?
  60. Turned the car on today and it wanted to update but didnt yesterday
  61. Escort 360c on newest 1.3 software still locking up.
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  63. Connecting to iPhone hotspot is inconstitent
  64. How to keep detector from getting high temp warning?
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  68. Wondering if display is any better
  69. Speed is one km off
  70. Reporting Police When on WiFi?
  71. Saved locations from the 9500ix
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  74. New Strange Behavior: Over Speedlimit Incorrectly Displayed
  75. Max360 c
  76. Escort Max 360c locked up on 1.5 software today.
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  78. MAX 360c updated to v1.5
  79. Additional Lockup Details
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  82. NO Owners Manual Available!
  83. ESCORT Live is experiencing login issues (new users only)
  84. Escot Live Issue
  85. Max360c the connected radar detector!!?? - NOT if you use android or a mac!
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  87. Request: Receive an email for Firmware Updates
  88. Receive an email when MAX 360c firmware is updated
  89. Current speed limit icon
  90. MAX 360c gets Extremely Hot....
  91. Just curious....
  92. Max 360 c has not asked itself to update for over 3 weeks?
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  94. max 360c
  95. Illumination...Specifically Directional Arrows
  96. Working with the Max360c outside of the car
  97. Double Reporting?
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  99. Is the 360c display still as bad as the max 360
  100. New Problem
  101. Way to long to wait for my refund
  102. issues
  103. Speed Limit Not Posting 360c or Live
  104. Brand new escort mac 360c locked up right out of the box.
  105. RD mounting location
  106. Defender database no recent updates
  107. 360c in newzealand
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  113. Some things that need a look in too
  114. Over speed warning
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  120. Having issues with WiFi
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  124. Display Freeze
  125. K band and lockup
  126. Possible to integrate with Kenwood DNX574S?
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  128. Laser and direction arrows.
  129. Incorrect band reporting Max 360c
  130. Hardwire problems
  131. My iPhone no longer charges from my SmartCord
  132. Detector Tools Pro updated to v2.3.3.24
  133. something strange, but no complaints
  134. Max 360C cannot connect to WiFi after updates
  135. False laser alerts
  136. FR message
  137. Reduced Front Radar Detection after v1.5 Update
  138. Bluetooth won't connect and update sticks on COMPLETE
  139. Is the app down again
  140. Auto Power
  141. Max 360c Won't Connect to new GM "MyLink3" LTE HotSpot
  142. Posted speed limit doesn't show when connected to WiFi
  143. Add MRCD?
  144. Max360c - Caution Display
  145. Question about "marking."
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  147. Strange Display Readout
  148. Subscriptions
  149. 1.6 firmware
  150. MAX 360c updated to v1.6
  151. Fix for iPhone hotspot issue and Max 360c
  152. Metric speed
  153. Escort Live and Android
  154. Where can i buy MAX360c intl version please?
  155. EL keep crashing/EL Map won't follow your Directions
  156. How to hide the detector, ideas?
  157. Max 360c connects to Android hotspot but doesn't work
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  159. Just updated to 1.7?
  160. MAX 360C Version Update 1.7
  161. MAX 360c updated to v1.7
  162. Max 360c Bluetooth WiFi Hotspot PSL MPH Defender and Live
  163. My few months old Max 360c with the extended warranty broke holder and cable
  164. Is the 360C detectable?
  165. ESCORT REP/MODERATOR-NEED RESPONSE-Max 360c connects to Android hotspot-doesn't work
  166. Escort Rep/Moderator-Need Response-Where is the full featured max360c owners manual?
  167. Escort Rep/Moderator-Need Response-Waiting 1.5 months-cust srv mgr doesn't call me
  168. Escort Rep/Moderator-Need Response-Red light+Speed cameras missed
  169. Large FW update to 1.8?
  170. MAX 360C New Firmware update 1.8
  171. MAX 360c updated to v1.8
  172. After Updating Max 360C Firmware V1.8
  173. Recommended Settings
  174. Automatically start EL when 360C BT connected
  175. Additional BSM Punch Through After 1.8 Update
  176. Is company open?
  177. Wanted - ESCORT MAX 360 Manual - Quick Reference Quide-not Download Notebook
  178. Ka band hit
  179. Upgrading to 360C
  180. 1.8 - K signals flipping to Ka
  181. New 360MaxC won't connect to home 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  182. Difference between 360c Op Bluetooth vs. WiFi
  183. CB Use Lock Up: Laser Shifters Shift Shifting Off
  184. Max 360 won't power on after update
  185. Can a Detector cause interference?
  186. Bug Report: Stuck Alerts
  187. Subscription Expired
  188. Audio alerts via Bluetooth Speaker
  189. How does LIDAR show up as a alert on 360c? As a Ka band??
  190. Not receiving updates through WIFI
  191. Max 360c WIFI Issue
  192. Escort Live app not closing
  193. Max 360c - Bluetooth won't stay connected
  194. MAX 360c firmware v1.1 change log
  195. Screen Dead
  196. Hard wired and mirror tap
  197. Reporting with connected detector only
  198. Max 360C Range?
  199. Rather dim display
  200. Broken magnetic mount
  201. Is the 360c Invisible to Spectre RDDs?
  202. Over speed warning not working
  203. False Ka-band readings are polluting Escort Live
  204. Coming back to Escort Radars : 360 C Intl help
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  206. Locking real signals on its own
  207. Max 360C Updated to 1.9
  208. Factor Reset?
  209. New 360 questions
  210. 360c with ZW5
  211. MAX 360c updated to v1.9
  212. Bad ZW5 Shifter
  213. Test ZW5 Shifters
  214. No PSL on Wi-Fi
  215. check fr
  216. Max360c not showing PSL
  217. MAX360c ZW5 w/BlendMount BMG2017
  218. ZW5 'Dongle' Necessary?
  219. Has ANYone successfully had their 360c update via WiFi from their Jaguar’s hotspot?
  220. False Laser Alerts
  221. Escort live filtering?
  222. Stolen Max 360C
  223. How do you know if you're not blocking the wrong Frequency
  224. Escort Live app updated - 360c no longer has accurate speed postings or doesn't BT
  225. Display OSP - OFF request settings
  226. Cheap - low Quality Suckion Cup Mount
  227. Does Firmware v1.9 Affect Laser Sensitivity?