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  1. Introducing Escort Live!
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE about modifying your direct wire for use with Escort Live
  3. Escort Live and hands free phone operation
  4. Escort Live FAQ
  5. Escort Live Wins The Top 3 Industry Awards
  6. Any Update on the Android App and ship dates?
  7. Escort Live Wins Car And Driver's 10Best Award!
  8. Escort live on Android and iOS
  9. Android Escort Live ( navigation )
  10. Firmware update not working with 8500 x50-red
  11. Taking bets on the shipment of the Android Live Cord
  12. Escort Live! with Android Tablets
  13. My 370z is completely teched out waiting for the android chord to arrive
  14. Concerning issue regarding the Motorolla Xoom tablet
  15. Android questions
  16. Will live work with android 4.0?
  17. Verizon HTC 6350 not compatible with Live
  18. Escort Live and Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  19. One last question ( Android)
  20. Escort Live TV Commercial
  21. Android SmartCord Live cords begin shipping today
  22. Android phone recommendations;
  23. has anyone recoeved a shipping confirmation on android
  24. Have you recieved your Android Live Cord yet?
  25. Escort Live Droid Bionic
  26. Escort Customer Service... FAIL.
  27. Will your opinion about Escort change if they fail to ship by December?
  28. Android live app doesn't take 2 digit serial
  29. Traffic flow settings?
  30. Firmware update
  31. Android user first impressions
  32. Force Close Error on Android Escort Live! / No Speed Data
  33. HTC Inspire GPS fix
  34. Invalid Username / Password
  35. Live App Force Closes every time I pick up radar that isn't locked out (Video)
  36. app hangs up
  37. Escort Live Drained My Battery?
  38. Anyone else with 8500 bundle not able to enter serial #?
  39. Locked out alert muted real KA threat
  40. Android EL v1.0.2 update
  41. Performance with Live & x50/Redline
  42. Live cord software update
  43. Need Android ICS version
  44. Escort Live w rooted phone
  45. Firmware update=Ottodog is smarter than Escort tech support
  46. MORE Live problems
  47. Galaxy S2 support Live??
  48. Droid Bionic and 9500ix
  49. Report button needs confirm press
  50. Android Live App suggestions
  51. Overheating on the Cord?
  52. 9500IX not talking to Live Cord
  53. Live issue
  54. More First Impressions/Problems - Android EL
  55. Live problem with first use sound
  56. Quick question
  57. Not ready for prime time
  58. Not ready for prime time
  59. Reporting Escort Live Issues
  60. 9500ix "chirps" when starting up
  61. Clearing the History
  62. My suggestions/recommendations for Escort Live 2.0
  63. Same issue and question
  64. maybe a gps issue with app??
  65. Droid Bionic with 5.9.901 system version
  66. Message and sound problems
  67. Alert Caching - Feature Request
  68. Car Dock - Feature Request
  69. Escort-Please post a counter of daily tally
  70. Cool but curious....
  71. Escort Live app ver 1.0.3 is up (Android)
  72. K band block mistake
  73. ESCORT Live CES 2012 Innovations Award Winner
  74. Has everyone received?
  75. Escort Live for Galaxy Nexus
  76. Direct Laser hit - no EL report
  77. Phone over radio question
  78. Anyone Else Seeing Vehicle Speed Drop to Zero?
  79. Pulled over-to hide or not
  80. live with arrows?
  81. Mark a location without gps
  82. 8500x50 firmware
  83. Escort really dropped the ball and Live! is going back
  84. 9500ix/EL - Press mute once goes straight to Lockout? prompt
  85. Trapster has road speed limit; EL does not
  86. Thank you Escort
  87. STi Driver firmware update
  88. Live hits question
  89. speed limit on escort live
  90. redline w/ Live vs 9500IX?
  91. First live report, first force crash
  92. Deleting a marked location
  93. works with bel gx65
  94. RLC and markings
  95. What to do for poor volume
  96. So, I got a new phone...
  97. Trapster and EL, Escort Reps need to answer
  98. 9500ix Pointing in the wrong direction for camera's since using EL.
  99. EL pulls from GPS, Wireless or both?
  100. Escort Live Refund... Can we return smart(??)Cord for full refund
  101. MPH display
  102. No Bluetooth Sync
  103. Escort Live USB connection to a PC
  104. escort live app problems
  105. Escort Live app ver 1.0.4 is up (Android)
  106. Report issues here for app v1.0.4
  107. Disappearing Ka markers
  108. EL Uses 55% CPU- is this normal
  109. Current Speed Limits
  110. $200+$250+$240/yr=Crickets
  111. Lockout frequency ?
  112. PC World Names Escort Live One of 10 Cool Upcoming Car Apps and Tech
  113. Live in background
  114. Questions about History?
  115. Odd KA alert
  116. Won't Sync , unless I reboot the phone.
  117. Can't Pair Devices
  118. Escort Live Manuals
  119. Does EL buffer?
  120. K alerts on phone only
  121. Heading forward already
  122. Escort Live App for Android Tablets?
  123. Odd Live Alert Status
  124. Escort Live apk file
  125. Everything seems to be working but....
  126. What about LIVE traffic?
  127. Intermittant GPS/speed
  128. No more sitting still
  129. Escort Live Submits Ka alert at Detector Startup
  130. Two escort live systems, do they need to be registered under different user accounts
  131. User marked locations from Radar Detector
  132. Confirmed. Spotting the Cop.
  133. EL Hangs at "Retrieving Serial Number"
  134. Map in Night Mode?
  135. RX65 with pilot mode voltage is broken.
  136. Escort - NEVER give Live! away for free and why!!
  137. Tab Support
  138. Escort Live! to Radar Detector communcation through BT?
  139. New rd purchase
  140. Using Escort Live only for customized detection/Truelock features
  141. Escort Live kills my TPMS on an Acura
  142. Active alerts after 4-5 hours?
  143. Firmware update needed today killed my Live.
  144. Woohoo!
  145. Redline running hot with Live!?
  146. Not hearing alerts over Bluetooth audio
  147. Razr Maxx not compatible and will not charge with Escort Live plug!
  148. Escort Live - 12 months
  149. Recent GPS/Speed Issues
  150. Goofy Bluetooth issue - stupid user error
  151. ICS Compatibility?
  152. Prizes and Cash for Top Ranked ESCORT Live Alert Contributors!
  153. Live cord shuts down after an hour (sometimes less/more) of use
  154. Problem with Live and 8500X50
  155. map facing direction of travel
  156. Escort Live 1.0.5
  157. Escort Live app ver 1.0.5 is up (Android), please report issues here
  158. What a joke
  159. SmartRadar?
  160. Truelock/lockout
  161. Samsung Epic Galaxy 2 not charging well
  162. GPS not working
  163. can I get escort live cheaper if...
  164. Error message "Background service not running..."
  165. Escort Live, how to....
  166. Escort LIVE semi hard wire install (how to)
  167. SmartCord Pairing
  168. Suggested features
  169. No RCL or other reports showing
  170. initial impressions are good
  171. Settings Profiles app incompatibility
  172. Sold my Smartcord now the buyer can't activate it
  173. Issue staying connected
  174. RedLine with Live
  175. Alerts not showing up on map
  176. Very weird experience with Live today
  177. Returning Live if they don't get the major bugs fixed
  178. An y date on the new Update?
  179. New Issue for me Today
  180. Switching Live Chord
  181. End of May Waiting Escort
  182. Live issues
  183. firmware update problem
  184. Logging into the Escort Live app
  185. Pairing and connecting
  186. Escort APK request
  187. 6 Months since update, REALLY??
  188. Dolphin Browser Issues
  189. Now accepting SmartCord Live DIRECT WIRE pre-orders
  190. I stoped Using Live
  191. Now accepting SmartCord Live 9500ci/STi-R Plus pre-orders
  192. Another Live issue
  193. WOW 2 more weeks have gone by
  194. Seems Marked Location trumped LIDAR
  195. New phone SGS III any problems EL REPS
  196. LIVE - Update
  197. BT audio fixed in next update?
  198. Feature request
  199. Iphone Live updated to 2.0...Where's Androids update?
  200. Escort Live 2.0.0 CRASHES
  201. Escort Live 2.0.0 Issues and suggestions...
  202. Just got the Escort Live Update pushed to my phone
  203. Escort Live 2.0.0 for Android Available
  204. Escort, Clueless ?????????
  205. Previous versions available?
  206. Can I get the APK for 2.0 please
  207. busted
  208. DO NOT re-subscribe after updating to v2.0
  209. What is free to both non detector non Live Cord Users?
  210. USB broken on Live
  211. Update for LIVE 2.0.0
  212. Update doesnt work?
  213. Cant pair after update
  214. EXtended subscriptions
  215. ESCORT Live v2.1.3 released
  216. New Issues 2.0.1
  217. Android lock outs not locking!
  218. 2.0.1 Version doesn't work for me, help!
  219. The ESCORT Live! APK file is available here
  220. Turn off "Refer a Friend" advert?
  221. Strange problem - Unit Prompts for Ku Band Update
  222. Can EL run on Jelly Bean?
  223. detector not initialized
  224. Escort Live App Purchase
  225. The STI-R Plus direct live wire install problem
  226. v2.0.1 Killed my Samsung Galaxy S Phone
  227. waze
  228. Blue Dot - Gray Dot
  229. Ka auto-mute with 2.01
  230. No reports
  231. Escort Live app background color
  232. New to Forum - Question About ESCORT Live! and Android Phone App
  233. Does Escort Live Decrease the performance of your 9500ix?
  234. Live is a Joke
  235. Way to Suppress Red Light Icons without Turning Off?
  236. Subscription renewal
  237. Annoying ad alerts
  238. How to switch between kph & mph?
  239. Was going to purchase Escort Live, but now maybe not...
  240. 2.0.1 Bug
  241. When will the new update be out?
  242. I love Live but lately...
  243. OK - I now have Escort Live...
  244. GPS Map orientation
  245. Update before using Escort Live with a new Beltronics Pro 300, V6, or V8
  246. EL android problem for programmers to read
  247. 2.0.2 - What is the update?
  248. Escort Live! 2.0.2 Android update available
  249. Escort live update
  250. Signs of Life