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  1. Welcome to Escort Radar Forum!
  2. ESCORT Inc. Releases All-New Defender™ Database for Early Warning Protection
  3. ESCORT Radar Exhibits at Texas Auto Writers Association 2009 Spring Challenge
  4. Pratt&Miller Chooses ESCORT 9500ci as a Factory-installed Option on its C6RS SUPERCAR
  5. Rules and Regulations
  6. NEW windshield mount test !!!
  7. Upgrade your 9500i to a 9500ix
  8. Redline exclusive announcement!
  9. ESCORT Inc. Releases RedLine™--The Ultimate Long Range Radar and Laser Detector
  10. Another exclusive product announcement for the Escort Radar forum
  11. ESCORT Inc. Announces Entourage Location and Vehicle Recovery Products
  12. Register to WIN 2 (Two) Passport 9500ix Radar Detectors!
  13. Cash For Clunkers!
  14. Dave Smidebush Named Vice President of Marketing
  15. New Quick Install Qi45 Custom Radar Detector
  16. Win A Trip To The BMW Performance Driving School!
  17. ESCORT gift store is now open!
  18. The 2009 ESCORT Driver's Gift Guide
  19. The Defender BlackBerry App by Escort
  20. Single Cup Windshield Mount released
  21. ESCORT Defender™ Database Overwhelms All Challengers
  22. ESCORT Radar Releases New Defender™ BlackBerry Smartphone App
  23. ESCORT Inc. Announces New Automotive Safety Product: ESCORT Guardian Alert®
  24. Get Ready To Drive With ESCORT's Detector TuneUp
  25. Federal Appeals Court Embraces Speed Cameras
  26. The Truth About Speed Traps, MSN article
  27. Escort Radar wins at MFest IV!
  28. Escort's Drive Into Summer Event
  29. Hurry!!! The Drive Into Summer Event Ends July 18!
  30. Escort's SpeedTrapUSA.com is live!
  31. Escort Detector Tools v1.7 released!
  32. Driver Alert! Radar Traffic Flow Sensors are spreading!
  33. ESCORT Announces PASSPORT iQ
  34. ESCORT Drives Into SEMA 2010
  35. Detector Tools v1.8 released
  36. Passport iQ Giveaway
  37. Entourage Tracking the 2010 Love Ride Autism Benefit
  38. Introducing the All New Cordless SOLO S3!
  39. Escort's First Ever Holiday Drive Event
  40. Happy Holidays from Escort Radar!
  41. It's not too late to give the perfect gift!
  42. ESCORT Inc. Draws Attention with New PASSPORT iQ at 2011 International CES
  43. Unauthorized Escort website
  44. Share your favorite ticket story on Facebook! *
  45. Detector Tools Windows7 SP1 fix released
  46. Newly updated Defender speed traps!
  47. Refurbished RX65s now available
  48. Passport 9500ix to be featured on Home Shopping Network
  49. Refurbished SoloS2s now available
  50. ESCORT's Drive Into Summer Event
  51. ESCORT Motorcycle Mounts
  52. Get a $25 gift card and Drive Smarter!
  53. Passport iQ beta testers wanted
  54. Introducing the PASSPORT X50 Black
  55. Detector Tools updated to 1.8.5
  56. The 2012 ESCORT ROUSH Mustang
  57. Detector Tools uninstall patch
  58. FREE Ground Shipping!
  59. Passport 9500ix Limited Editions
  60. Tell your friends about our 3 new Limited Edition PASSPORT 9500ix detectors
  61. Win A X50 Black Red display!
  62. Tapatalk is now supported
  63. ESCORT Introduces the Ultimate Real-time Ticket Protection Network– ESCORT LIVE™
  64. AutoWeek's Hands-on Escort Live Impressions
  65. Escort Live Wins Prestigious SEMA Show Award!
  66. Escort Live Wins The Top 3 Industry Awards
  67. Device Magazine: Escort Live for Android and iOS is Better than Cobra iRadar System
  68. New iQ Software Is Available On Detector Tools
  69. ESCORT Introduces All-New Payment Plans, Now Available On Installed Sytems
  70. Escort Live! Covered By NC Local TV News
  71. The 2011 ESCORT Holiday Drive Event!
  72. Mac Beta Version of Detector Tools Available for 9500ix
  73. Escort Live Smartphone Mounts Now Available
  74. Escort Live Wins Car And Driver's 10Best Award!
  75. Escort Live TV Commercial
  76. Happy Holidays from all of us at Escort Inc!
  77. Android SmartCord Live cords begin shipping today
  78. ESCORT Live CES 2012 Innovations Award Winner
  79. Forbes Names ESCORT Live One of Five Top Cool Gadgets at CES 2012
  80. Detector Tools updated to 1.8.8
  81. PC World Names Escort Live One of 10 Cool Upcoming Car Apps and Tech
  82. Escort Live and 9500ix reviewed by iPhone Life
  83. Escort Radar Visits Jay Leno's Garage
  84. New beta Mac Detector Tools available! (6/29/12)
  85. Escort's Drive Smarter Facebook Page
  86. Prizes and Cash for Top Ranked ESCORT Live Alert Contributors!
  87. ESCORT Presents Award Winning ESCORT Live™ and New MobileTV™ Digital Receiver at NAB
  88. ESCORT Presents Multi-Award Winning ESCORT Live at TAWA Spring Challenge
  89. ESCORT Debuts SmartRadar™ Bluetooth® Enabled Radar Detector
  90. SmartRadar demonstrated at Showstoppers CTIA New Orleans Event
  91. Now accepting SmartCord Live DIRECT WIRE pre-orders
  92. Now accepting SmartCord Live 9500ci/STi-R Plus pre-orders
  93. Tune into the Bobby Likis Car Clinic on Sat 8/11, Escort product giveaway!
  94. Macnn.com review of SmartRadar
  95. SERVER UPGRADE, forum will be down
  96. CNET reviews SmartRadar
  97. Jury Sides With Escort Inc. and Beltronics USA, Inc.
  98. PASMAG partners with Escort and Beltronics for Escort Roush Mustang giveaway
  99. The Veil Guy reviews SmartRadar
  100. ISSUE with emails sent from forum resolved
  101. Snowy winter forecast, Escort QuickStart can help
  102. ESCORT Live™ Ticket Protection App Sponsors 2012 Roush Mustang Contest Giveaway
  103. Escort Live detector users receive premium service extension
  104. RadarTest.com review of SmartRadar
  105. The Big Moment! Our Winner Drives the ESCORT ROUSH Mustang!
  106. ESCORT Rings in the Season!
  107. ESCORT Invites Inspired Designers, Inventors and Creators to Conferences at 2013 CES
  108. ESCORT Announces Intention to Develop Dyle™ Mobile TV-Compatible Receiver for Android
  109. Roush RedLine Escort Live giveaway
  110. Escort Live, Passport iQ mentioned in todrive.com article
  111. Escort Inc Factory Showroom Open House
  112. RedLine software update is now available, adding Ka BS/RDR
  113. How To Drive Without Getting a Ticket, Car And Driver video
  114. New Reviews sections for detectors on our website
  115. RedLines are shipping today! All have latest software adding Ka BS and RDR
  116. Automotive Expert and Car-Talk Host Bobby Likis Announces New Sweepstakes
  117. Open letter to the forum members from Escort President John Larson
  118. Announcing the all-new StickyCup windshield mount!
  119. Moore, Oklahoma Tornado
  120. Escort Redline Review: Expert Software Makes this Detector a Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
  121. ESCORT Debuts PASSPORT Max High Definition Radar Detector
  122. PASSPORT Max Shatters Sales Record
  123. Passport Max pre-orders begin shipping on 6/28
  124. PASSPORT Max units are shipping!
  125. PASSPORT Max Update from the President
  126. PASSPORT Max Progress Update 7/26
  127. Digital Trends review: Passport 9500ix and Escort Live
  128. Macnn.com review of Passport Max
  129. Escort Inc Named Top Finalist for 2013 Greater Cincinnati International Trade Award
  130. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.5
  131. ESCORT Releases All-New MediaFlair Portable WiFi Streaming Accessory
  132. Win a Passport Max at the “Fuel Fall Fun” Sweepstakes
  133. Beta Mac Detector Tools with Passport Max support updated to v1.2.3 for Mavericks
  134. Monomoy Capital Partners Acquires Escort Inc.
  135. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.6
  136. Car-Talk Host Bobby Likis Shares the Mic with Ron Gividen of ESCORT Inc.
  137. Escort Inc Hosts Check Presentation Celebration for Breast Cancer Awareness Program
  138. Tell us your story and win prizes!
  139. SEMA Debut for PASSPORT Max HD Radar Detector
  140. ESCORT Invites SEMA Show Attendees to Experience the All-new PASSPORT Max
  141. ESCORT Wows SEMA Show with All-new PASSPORT Max, Laser Shifter Pro & MediaFlair
  142. PASSPORT Max Named Best New Mobile Electronics Product at 2013 Las Vegas SEMA Show
  143. ESCORT Extends Thanks to SEMA, Popular Mechanics and Global Media for Top Award Wins
  144. ESCORT Introduces Award-Winning New Product Designs to NYC Engadget Show Attendees
  145. Passport Max giveaway on LeftLaneNews.com
  146. ROUSH Performance Passport Max giveaway
  147. PASSPORT Max Rated Number 1 Detector by Car And Driver
  148. CNET.com Passport Max review
  149. ESCORT Opens CES Show With New PASSPORT Max Limited Edition Series Radar Detector
  150. ESCORT Recognized with Two 'CES Envisioneering' Awards
  151. ESCORT Live Achieves Milestone, Helps Protect Drivers More Than 17 Million Times
  152. Win Tickets To The Championship Games!
  153. PASSPORT Max Limited Edition Series To Be Showcased at Las Vegas & NYC Shows
  154. Win Tickets To the Indy 500 or Coca-Cola 600!
  155. Thank you for your service!
  156. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.18
  157. Bobby Likis Announces "Car Story with Dad" Passport Max Giveaway
  158. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.19
  159. Escort Live surpasses 22 million saves
  160. ESCORT attends Engadget Live Show in Seattle
  161. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.21
  162. ESCORT Inc Names David Thornhill President & CEO
  163. Passport Max International firmware updated to v1.3
  164. PASSPORT Max and Laser ShifterPro To Appear on Motorhead Garage TV
  165. Texas Limited Edition PASSPORT Max Debuts at 2014 GATS Show
  166. ESCORT Announces Dual Product Release
  167. ESCORT Exhibits Cloud Connected Products at CTIA Wireless Show
  168. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.26
  169. ESCORT Gives Back with Support at Charity Car Show
  170. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.29
  171. ESCORT Exhibits New Bluetooth Equipped Radar Detectors at New York GetGeeked Event
  172. ESCORT Displays Bluetooth-equipped Radar Detectors at West Coast Event
  173. ESCORT Announces Official SEMA Press Conference and Training Sessions
  174. ESCORT Exhibits New Bluetooth-equipped Detectors at SEMA Show
  175. ESCORT Continues New Bluetooth-equipped Detector Exhibition at SEMA Show Week
  176. ESCORT Presents NYC Engadget Show Attendees With PASSPORT and PASSPORT Max2 Detectors
  177. The New EscortRadar.com website
  178. ESCORT Returns to the Big Apple for Pepcom Press Event
  179. Mac Detector Tools updated to v2.1.0
  180. Holiday Payment Plans available for our newest detectors!
  181. Car-Talk Host Bobby Likis Shares the Mic with Ron Gividen of ESCORT Inc.
  182. ESCORT Drives Smarter with Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live Globalcast
  183. Happy Holidays from Escort Inc!
  184. ESCORT Exhibits PASSPORT Max2 Radar Detector and Award-winning App at CES Show
  185. Escort Live user reported data added to Defender
  186. ESCORT Exhibits Radar Detectors and ESCORT Live App at Chicago Auto Show
  187. ESCORT Inc. Welcomes John A. Malone, Sr. Vice President Sales
  188. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.47
  189. Detector Tools not available to download
  190. Enter to Win a Radar Detector Bundle valued at $400!
  191. Our very own TBNTX interviewed about using Escort radar detectors
  192. Introducing Max 360 with Directional Alert Arrows
  193. Introducing the PASSPORT X70!
  194. Update available for Max and Max 2
  195. "Radar" Roy Reyer RIP
  196. Mac Detector Tools updated to v2.2.1 with Max 360 support
  197. The classic Escort product catalog
  198. JULY BONUS: Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee
  199. Introducing ESCORT iX, A Legend Reborn
  200. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.87
  201. Escort and NAV-TV Announce Radar Integration Collaboration
  202. Mac Detector Tools updated to v2.3.6
  203. VIP Gold Bundle (3yr Defender + 2yr ESP) = $69.95
  204. Escort, Inc. Wins Two Silver Awards in Best in Biz Awards 2016
  205. ESCORT MAX Ci 360 debuts at CES 2017
  206. Detector Tools updated to v1.11.100
  207. Escort and other Cedar brands highlighted in Mobile Electronics mag
  208. Why Radar Detectors Matter More Than Ever - TheDrive.com
  209. Detector Tools Pro released for MAX Ci and MAX Ci 360
  210. MAX 360 and MAX Ci 360 named World's Best
  211. Introducing SOLO S4 cordless detector
  212. MAX Ci/MAX Ci 360 updated to v1.1
  213. Links to other forums prohibited
  214. Introducing Passport S75G
  215. Please support the people affected by Hurricane Harvey
  216. MAX 360 updated to v1.6/1.3
  217. Update available to resolve iOS 11 connection issues
  218. RedLine EX updated to v1.3
  219. Introducing MAX 360c
  220. Mac Detector Tools updated to v2.4.9
  221. Be careful of phishing scams
  222. Happy Holidays from Escort Inc!
  223. OEM Integration into Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and more
  224. $100 off MAX 360c or RedLine EX with ZW5 (coiled cord or direct wire)
  225. Detector Tools Pro (PC) updated to v2.3.3.2
  226. Escort Detector Tools for Apple Mac updated to v2.4.12
  227. ESCORT Live & Cobra iRadar are now sharing alerts
  228. MAX/MAX 2/MAX II IVT Filter update available
  229. Detector Tools server is down
  230. RadarBusters visits Escort Inc
  231. URGENT: update MAX 360c to v1.5 immediately
  232. Introducing the ESCORT M1 dash cam!
  233. Military, Responder, Student, and Teacher members receive a discount with ID.me
  234. Happy Holidays from Escort!
  235. Disabling PMs except to/from moderators
  236. The All New ESCORT Live App Update is Now Available for iOS
  237. Congratulations Escort for Winning Autoweek Readers' Choice Award!!
  238. Detector Tools for Apple Mac updated to 2.4.16